how to get views on youtube

How to Get Views On YouTube

Have you ever had that nightmare where you’re throwing a huge party…rented a fancy and expensive venue… booked the premiere caterer in town AND secured the hottest band around? Only, on the night of the big event NO ONE SHOWED UP!


Everyone who has ever thrown a party or hosted an event has had that fear at one point in time.


And when it comes to marketing your business, no one coming to your party is the equivalent of creating an awesome video that no one sees.


As a small business owner, customer acquisition is critical to your business. You must have a way to get new people to your party. In a previous post, 6 Amazing Benefits of Video Marketing, I shared why video is the most effective tool you have to attract people to your business.


And the place where people go looking for videos is YouTube!


YouTube has over 1 Billion users…that’s one-third of all the Internet traffic!


Now, that’s where the party’s at!


So, mastering this powerful platform and learning how to get views on YouTube is definitely to your advantage. It’s your gateway into generating a never ending stream of high quality leads and customers 24/7.


And it’s not as complicated as you might think. You don’t have to be a tech wiz or an SEO master to get lots of people in front of your marketing video.

In fact, just follow this Simple 4 Step Formula that breaks down exactly how to get views on YouTube.



By following this formula, you will see your videos rank on the first page of YouTube and Google. This is so important because most people find the information that they need right on the front page. So this is where you want to be to constantly attract new customers!

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