5 Steps to Getting Started with Video Marketing in Your Business

There’s never been a better time, or a more critical time, for getting started with video marketing in your business. Let’s be real…video is everywhere. And it captures people’s attention faster than any other form of content.


I mean…come on…how often have you gotten sidetracked by a video while online?


Be honest.


Happens all the time, doesn’t it?


I bet you were even inspired to buy a thing or two as a result of a video that you have seen?


You’re certainly not alone. In fact, 40% of consumers reveal that video increases their chance of making a purchase.


So, as a business owner, you see the opportunity that video presents. And you recognize that video marketing is important to the growth and long term success of your business.

You’ve probably even penciled in “create videos” as a third quarter action item for your marketing strategey. Unfortunately, it was penciled in for the the third quarter of last year!


So, what happened? Where are the videos?


Let me guess. As much as you wanted to do it, as good as your intentions were, you got a little bit stuck on how to get started.


And so you never did.


Well, now is the time to get unstuck.


You can launch your video marketing campaign by first following these 5 basic steps:


The Simple Process for Getting Started with Video Marketing in Your Business

One last thing, after you’ve created your video, set a promotion strategy. It’s so important that you put it in front of people repeatedly. Post it on Facebook or LinkedIn a couple times a month. Tweet it out once a week. Send it out to your email list a couple of times over a few months. Not everyone is going to see it the first time you share it, so keep reminding them and giving them the opportunity to see how you and your business can be an amazing asset to them!


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