how to overcome your fear of being on camera

3 Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Being On-Camera

Video marketing has completely exploded and changed the way businesses connect with customers and expose their brands. In today’s market, your customers are pre-interviewing you long before they ever pick up the phone to inquire about your products and services. And video is the number one determining factor as to whether or not you make the cut and get that initial call from a potential customer.

And while you recognize the importance of using video in your marketing strategy, you’ve been holding off on taking that first step towards the big red “Record” button.

I get that being on-camera can be a little scary. In fact, many people find the thought of using video terrifying. Maybe it’s a fear of trying something new. Or perhaps you don’t feel like you have the technical skills to do it right. But it’s most likely the biggest fear of all… the fear of being on camera.

So if that’s you, it’s time to kick your fear to the curb. Because that fear is negatively impacting your bottom line.

Conquer Your Fear of Being On-Camera

Tip #1: Forget about being perfect. This crazy idea that you need to be perfect all the time is really just a huge sign of resistance. It’s fear rearing it’s ugly head. No one expects you to be perfect and perfect people are boring. Just keep it real… mistakes and all. Letting go of that impossible standard will help you to relax in front of the camera and authentically connect with your customer.

Tip #2: Put yourself in the right frame of mind. The camera picks up everything…so psych yourself up mentally before you start rolling. Listen to some power music. Visualize the outcome that you want. See yourself successfully delivering the message that you want to deliver.

Tip #3: Have Fun! Remember, you are talking about a subject that you are an expert in and are passionate about! So, enjoy the opportunity to share what you know. Fun, happy energy is contagious and people just want to be around it.


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